Tasmanian Devils not so devilish.

Just at the beginning of my internship here in Hobart, Tasmania I got the possibility to help out a colleague in a project with Tasmanian Devils.

The Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is the biggest carnivorous marsupial (it has a pouch) on the island of Tasmania. In 1996 an aggressive disease appeared (Devil facial tumour disease) which wiped out up to 80% of the devil population in some parts of the island.
In order to find out more about the transmission of the disease and the life of the endangered Tasmanian Devil several research projects were started all over the country.

The project I went to involved retrieving GPS collars from tagged Tasmanian Devil females in the beautiful Freycinet National Park on the east coast of Tasmania.
Here are a few photos about this unique experience.

For more info click on the pictures to see them in a slideshow with titles.


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